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Vot – Biodegradable Vase Pot

The vot combines the function of a vase and pot into one object. The vessel will be able to hold cut flowers upright in one configuration, and in the other configuration be able to hold a potted plant. The opening for flowers on one part cleverly becomes drainage for a potted plant when turned upside down. This allows adaptable usage in the home. The biodegradable nature of the Vot allows it to be either discarded with compostables or buried in a garden as a potted plant grows.

We came up with the idea for the Vot when we were thinking of the gifting of flowers. When flowers are gifted in vases, the vase is either a disposable plastic, or glass or ceramic. We decided to create something that had a flexible time frame for use. The flower recipient could decide to keep the container for latter use, but still have the flexibility to dispose of it with ease.