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Two Two – Heat Efficient Cookware

Two Two is a set of stackable pots that optimize cooking time, energy, and water by utilizing steam heat transfer. We set out to design a solution that examined sustainable design from a social perspective. We wanted to create a business model in which profits from commercialized nations would fund production and distribution of the same product to developing nations.

Thinking along the theme of water, we saw an opportunity to utilize evaporative heat (steam) for improvement in heat transfer to encourage efficient use of water in cooking.

Our solution is high efficiency cookware that utilizes steam heat transfer and fin heat conduction, a 4 tier stackable set that channels steam from the bottom up. The four pot set, includes 3 closed-bottom pots, and one steam chamber with air vents. 3 fin accentuated rings are used to stack and stabilize the pots for cooking. The set is designed to cook a meal (a soup, a stew, a steamed vegetable, and a starch) for a family of 5-6 all at once. A set of foldable tongs comes with the set to act as handles for each pot. The tongs adjust to the size of each pot with a squeeze so that the tiers can be moved freely during and after cooking. The lid is designed to be able to fit each layer, so that the pots can be utilized separately as well.

Where water and energy are scare resources, it is important to give people the right tools to cultivate their lives. To people that are traveling kilometers for wood or water, it is essential for them to be able to utilize their obtained resources efficiently. High heat efficiency cookware is another tool that will help ease the stress of poverty.

Two Two cookware would be sold in industrialized nations as high performance camping cookware, and proceeds from these sales would aid affordable distribution in developing nations.

Two Two cookware was named after the 2:2 music tempo that is twice as fast as the standard 4:4 beat tempo.