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Newton – Salvaged Parachute Handbag

Newton is an exploration in repurposing textile materials and finding a solution that gives new meaning to their original functions. We looked at textiles and fabrics that would be outdated and become obsolete, and explored the possibility of extending the life cycle of the material.

The Newton Bag is an appropriate second life for worn parachutes and old household fabric. The parachute material has become obsolete in terms of function. The household fabric has become obsolete in terms of fashion. A combination of the two restores fashion value to the household fabric and gives new function to the parachute. The materials still retains characteristics from their previous product cycles; the household fabric continues to provide home comfort(for the bag’s contents), and the bag construction is derived directly from the original intended function of the parachute material.

We studied parachute canopies and modified the pattern to construct the bulbous shape of the Newton Bag. Parachute cord is used as the handbag’s straps. The result is an up-cycled product that keeps a strong correlation to its origin.