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lite2go – no packaging lamp

The lite2go is a sustainably-designed lamp that sheds the excess of packaging by eliminating it all together.  The packaging becomes the shade for the energy saving light bulb and electric cord contained within.  It is designed to be versatile in use as either a pendant or a table lamp.  The manufacturing process is simple and all aspects of the design have been considered with sustainability in mind.

All components of the lite2go lamp can be disassembled and are biodegradable or recyclable. No toxic processes or chemicals are used in manufacturing of the fixture.  The CFL bulb’s provides a significant energy savings over time compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.  The lamp is resource-saving and minimizes waste because no packaging is needed; no cardboard, Styrofoam, plastic wraps, staples, etc.

With the lite2go, we wanted to improve the experience and value of a lamp and simultaneously minimize its environmental impact.  We approached the process with the general question, “How to make light, lighter?”  How could a lighting concept be more simple, yet still uplifting and functional? We looked at existing products and zeroed in on areas for potential improvement or creative flare.

After our initial research, we felt that the most common and largely ignored environmental issue among lamps was the issue of packaging.  So we decided that would be our focus, to explore the possibility of eliminating packaging – what if the packaging was part of the light itself?

We wanted the lamp to be multi-functional – light-weight, easy-to-move, and versatile.  We were looking for emotional connection and interactivity with the user, so we tried to incorporate an element of surprise, like the feeling of opening a gift or folding origami.  We then thought of added convenience – just like small-scale electronics with batteries included – what if the light bulb were included with a lamp for a change?  All components fit into a neat little package and ready-to-use.

The lite2go offers surprise and elegance in a simple, low-cost and lightweight package.