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enessé – energy well-being

Enessé is an intelligent home security and energy regulation system that detects presence in your home and automates energy conservation. Using temperature sensors to track people in the home, Enessé will automatically turn off lights and appliances once human absence is detected after a customizable period of time. Unlike motion sensors, this allows for people to sit idly or doze off without triggering the lights to turn off.

By default, all electricity (excluding refrigerators, clocks, or other essentials) will be shut down upon exit of the last household member. However, the main control center will allow users to customize settings for all energy output in the household, it will also show the user real-time energy output.

Enessé brings a new level of energy efficiency to your home. By intelligently detecting human presence, the system will optimize energy use and improve the well-being of your family and the earth.