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Bean Rockers – Body Conscious Seating

The Bean Rockers line of seating is an exploration in dynamic and flexible ways of inhabiting our spaces. The lightweight design of the bean rockers makes them easy to move, store, and use in a variety of applications. The rocking seats are adaptable to many body types and shapes with four different models.

There have been various medical studies that have shown that sitting too long in the same position can lead to adverse health effects. The bean rockers encourage shifting of posture and positions to help alleviate the stresses on the body caused by stagnancy in seating. The ergonomic design and rocking ability help people of all sizes and ages sit in a healthier, interactive way. They are meant to encourage ease of breathing, flexibility in seating, and a sense of balance. They can be used as meditation seats, aids for stretching and exercising, or for any low seating application in your home.

Many people mistakenly think that bean rockers are intended only for children as their size is relatively small when compared to other chairs – however, once seated, most everyone notes that the comfort and ease is apparent for adults as well as kids.