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Amplio – Solar Amphibious Vehicle

The Amplio human-powered amphibious vehicle utilizes pedaling power with solar electrical assistance to propel on road and through water. On land, the vehicle operates similar to a recumbent bicycle. In water, the driver’s pedaling power is converted into energy for the propeller installed at the tail of the vehicle. A solar-charged battery and belt-driven motor, gives the driver an extra boost to begin motion in water, which can be difficult to initiate against water resistance.

Amplio is an environmentally friendly alternative to jet skis, motor boats, and other fuel-driven water recreation vehicles which pollute the waters directly with their exhaust. Human-powered water vehicles can run over 18 knots (approximately 20mph), but bringing the vehicle from standstill to motion is the most physically demanding step. To help start the vehicle in water, a solar-charged battery, belt-driven motor, and propeller, will assist the driver during ‘take-off’, and will automatically assist the driver when he/she shows signs of fatigue.

Without compromising speed and exhilaration, Amplio is able to generate enough momentum for ramps, tricks, and jumps. With electrical assistance, the vehicle can be a true wave runner. Since the vehicle is amphibious, it also eliminates the need to transport equipment from land to water. While jet skis and motor boats are often towed to location, Amplio can be ridden direct from home.