A new day for Knoend

A new day for Knoend

It’s been quite an interlude for the redesign of the Knoend website, but we’re happy to introduce our new look.  Thanks for coming by!  We look forward to continuing the discourse on sustainability + design, with old friends and new.  Your comments would be very much appreciated!

Here’s a quick tour of some notable changes in the new site:


Perhaps the biggest difference you will notice is our new suite of ecodesign and social design icons.  Though the focus at Knoend has always zeroed in on sustainability, we wanted to give extra special emphasis to our design strategies that address the challenges we meet in our work.  These strategies/icons are still evolving and we would love your input.


If you were familiar with our firm’s previous projects, you’ll notice some of them have been omitted in the ‘Work’ section of the site.  We are still formatting our old projects to fit the new site, and working on new initiatives simultaneously.  You will see this section populate as we go along.

Know No End

We’ve titled our blog section ‘Know No End’ – it is a new concept in the making, and this is the very first entry!  Our hope is that it will be less of a one-way conversation concerning our studio, and more of a pool of resources and gateway to sustainable design. We do plan on combing through our old blog archives and may post some old content, but in general, our aim is to look forward and provide the latest and freshest.


Our online shop is now fully-integrated into our website, providing a streamlined shopping experience – woo hoo!


If you encounter any errors or glitches on our site, we’d appreciate you let us know.  Again, thanks for coming by, we’re happy to be back!