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Knoend’s raison d’être is what we call Econnovation – ecologic + economic + innovation.

If it doesn’t make sense for the environment, doesn’t make sense for economies, and it doesn’t add anything new to our world, then why make it? The world does not need to add another product or service no different from the next. Beyond the triple bottom line, Knoend stands behind innovative experiences and the extended responsibility for these experiences.

Knoend believes that design is a catalyst for change. Design has the power to create new experiences that will bring enhanced meaning to life.

We believe that design makes a difference. With each project we undertake, our goal is to provide a fresh look at the world, to allow people to see, feel, experience life in another way and to do so without negative environmental or social impact.

The name ‘Knoend’ was conceived to describe the limitless possibilities that knowledge can bring to the world. Share in the philosophy: Know no end.